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When you need braces, you need a top quality orthodontist. And when you need a great orthodontist, you should check out Ivanov Orthodontics. We have a long-standing reputation in Miami for top quality care and exceptional customer service by being your local orthodontist near me. And we love being a proud part of the local community, giving back to the people who make it possible for us to be here.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Try Out Your Local Orthodontist

Local orthodontists make it possible for you to get your orthodontic treatment done on time. Whether you need to make your regular appointments, or if you have an orthodontic emergency, it’s important to have a local orthodontist who can help you. Click on the links to learn more.

You never know when an orthodontic emergency will happen. You might have a bracket break off during a sports event, or you might trip and fall and end up with a bent wire. Any time you have an orthodontic issue like these or others, you need to get in to your best local orthodontist as soon as possible because these damaged pieces can impact the amount of tension on your teeth, and that can set your progress back. But, by having a relationship with a local orthodontist, you can get in and out quickly and not delay your treatment.

Let’s face it – traffic is not fun to be stuck in. You might have a great orthodontist you go to, but if they are across town, it will take possibly as long to get to your appointment as your appointment takes. It is a better idea to find a great orthodontist near me who can take care of you and you don’t have to drive a long ways to get there. A local orthodontist also means you don’t have to take as much time off of work or away from school to make your appointments.

When you can find the best local orthodontist, you have a partner in your oral health team who will become an important part of your life for several months, or even a couple of years. Being local means that you get to make all of your appointments, and you build the rapport you need to trust their guidance and counsel.

Why Should I Consider Going To My Local Orthodontist?

You probably have a number of reasons that you need a Miami local orthodontist. Perhaps you need one for yourself, because you now have the ability to get your teeth straightened. Or maybe your teen and/or tween is ready for braces, and you need to find local orthodontists who can provide you with a variety of treatment options – and payment options. Or maybe you have just moved to the area and you need to establish a relationship with a new orthodontist. For a variety of reasons, you need a great local orthodontist.

Your local orthodontist will start by doing a free initial consultation to go over your needs, and discuss payment options. They will create a treatment plan for you and review braces installation procedures with you if you choose to go with bracket and wire style braces. The actual braces installation will be done at a different appointment. It usually involves a good teeth cleaning, and then the brackets are affixed to the teeth with a special glue. An archwire is run through them to connect the teeth together and then a set of elastics are used to keep the archwire in place.

You will also learn about proper brushing and flossing while you have your braces on. Your local orthodontist near me will be able to help monitor your progress and your teeth condition, so you get the best oral care possible. You should brush your teeth after every meal, and either floss using an oral irrigation device or a floss threader to get the food particles flushed out from between the teeth.

What Treatments Does An Orthodontist Provide?

Most orthodontists will be able to provide a variety of types of bracket and wire style braces, and also the Invisalign clear aligner system. Many orthodontists will also be able to provide supplemental treatments like headgear, reverse pull headgear, palate expanders, bite turbos, tongue cribs, trans palatal arch appliances, and Nance appliances, among others. Your local orthodontist will be happy to discuss any of these treatment options if your child needs them. Most patients need a straightforward treatment using braces or aligner trays, and these are provided by any Miami local orthodontist.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

The length of treatment from your best local orthodontist will vary greatly depending on what you need to have done. If you just have a minor alignment issue, you might only need braces for about 6 months. If you have a more significant orthodontic issue, you will likely need to wear your braces for 2-3 years. Age also factors into the treatment time, as children’s jaws are still growing and changing so your orthodontist can use that to an advantage. Your local orthodontist near me will be happy to discuss your or your child’s unique needs at your consultation appointment.

What Types Of Braces Do You Offer?

We offer several types of braces near me. They can be placed into two main categories – bracket and wire and clear aligner.

  • The most popular type of clear aligner and the type offered at Ivanov Orthodontics is Invisalign. They are a series of clear plastic trays that you switch out every few weeks for a new set.
  • Bracket and wire braces come in three main types – metal, ceramic, and lingual.
    • Metal braces are just as they sound, metal brackets and wires. The most common types are affixed to the front of the teeth.
    • They can also be set on the back of the teeth to make them functionally invisible to anyone other than you. This is what lingual braces mean.
    • Ceramic braces are a lot like traditional metal braces, but the brackets are made from a tooth-colored ceramic material that makes them a lot less visible than their metal counterparts.


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