Dr. Ivanov and his team deserve every star in this review. I made my appointment online, and the process was very easy. When arriving at my appointment, I was greeted with a warm welcome and was helped with every step of the new patient process. When I met the Dr., he was so kind and extremely knowledgeable. He gave me a realistic time frame to fix my open bite and made me feel comfortable. The process of getting my braces on was smooth, and I was informed of what would be happening at every step. The best Orthodontist ever.
Diane Butler

When I say the reviews are pretty much an understatement, it does no justice. The service is amazing, and The staff takes their time to make sure that you feel very special. I called and made my appointment because of how satisfying the reviews were. If I could leave an honest review 100 times, I would. I’m very pleased and happy that I found this place. Ms.LINA, who handles the front, was amazingly friendly and very helpful; thank you so much! I have found a HOME!!
Brittnisha Marks

As soon as I walked in, I knew from the jump that this was the place for me; I knew that this place would give me the right treatment at the right time. I’ve wanted braces for as long as I can remember & this place did just the job for me. I’m extremely grateful for what this place has done for me in such a short amount of time & can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you once again, Ivanov Orthodontist Experts. Much love. Mom: From the first time my mom walked in, my mom KNEW this place was the right place for me.
Marvenson Souffrant

Dr. Ivanov’s staff and his service as a doctor are one of a kind. He gave my daughters the best treatments and dealt with them right away. My oldest was able to get her braces and was treated with care. My youngest needed an expander for her crossbite. It was installed with no issues! They were nervous, but they knew how to put them at ease. I must say that I am impressed with his work. Dr. Ivanov and his staff are very nice, and I recommend his services to everyone. Thanks, Dr. Ivanov!!!
Rosalyn Montalvo

Many people are frightened of visiting the dentist or the orthodontists because of the pain or trauma they may have experienced previously. However, I’ve got great news about a place where you can get the best pediatric orthodontist for your family.  These guys are experts in their field, and without love, it is impossible to attain such greatness and a wonderful reputation. They have this X factor that makes the clients keep coming back. If you want a Miami orthodontist who ticks all the boxes, then your search for the ‘best orthodontist near me can end. Don’t take my word for it; give Dr. Ivanov a call today
Derek Taylor

The first day I walked into an Orthodontic clinic, I met with Dr. Ivanov and his staff. I was seeking consultation but was hesitant. The staff were very nice and helpful and provided all the information I needed to decide whether to proceed with their treatment options. Besides the financial obligation, I think what won me over was Dr. Ivanov. I like his style; he’s calm, attentive, and caring. He listens to your questions or concerns and provides the best treatment options you feel are right for you. What tops it off, I believe is not just him seeing you as his next potential patient, but him wanting to know you. He asked me, “tell him a little bit about myself.” It was a bit foreign to me because I was never asked that by a professional, but I appreciated it. These positive experiences influenced my decision to move forward with Dr. Ivanov and now, what awaits me is a positive result.
Michael Cousseillant

I was looking was a place where I could get quality adult orthodontics near me. Slightly crooked teeth run on my side of the family, and it was finally time to seek out a quality adult orthodontist near me, and that is when I found Dr. Ivanov. Dr. Ivanov and his office near the bay harbor are a thoroughly honest and modern facility and one that I was incredibly comfortable with visiting. Now I got the Invisalign without anyone ever knowing. Yes!
Michael Hackbarth

This place is AMAZING! After deep looking for a good Orthodontist for my 2 children with little luck, since the few places I went in Miami Beach did not make them feel comfortable; finally, my sister referred me to Dr. Ivanov, and we cannot be happier! Dr. Ivanov is very sweet and dedicated, and so is his team; they care about their patients/clients, ensuring the whole experience is the best. My children feel comfortable, and I love we got to find this gem in North Miami. I’ll recommend Ivanov Orthodontist to anyone who would like to have a beautiful smile and VIP care!
Arely Castillo

Before I came upon this office, I was nervous and unsure where to turn for my smile. I have no regrets about taking my chances with Dr. Ivanov. He and his staff are patient, friendly, and kind. They took their time explaining every single aspect of my treatment, making me feel at ease. Look no further if you are looking for highly professional individuals to embark on your braces journey. Ivanov Orthodontic Experts is the perfect place to choose.

First time here, and the service was amazing!! I was recommended here by a family member and was a bit hesitant about getting a brace, but since I have an overbite, I wanted to get it fixed. I can’t wait for the results!! Overall 5/5 on service, professionalism, and information. Dr. Ivanov and his staff will help you get the smile you want. I can’t wait for my results.
CandyCin Bella

What a fantastic Doctor! Best Orthodontist in all greater Miami. He is an Extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced Doctor who provides his absolute best and attention to detail; he took great care of me and was quick to tell me how everything was going to work. The changes I’ve seen in the look of my teeth have been unremarkable. Dr. Ivanov is super nice and very comforting. I got a Super Smile! Highly recommend it to anyone! This is for sure the place you want to get your braces. You will be taken care of and happy that you did! You will receive excellent services and true professionalism. 10 Stars. Thank you so much for my amazing teeth !!
Oksana Buchik