Orthodontic expander

Orthodontic Expander Specialist

There are a number of ways that orthodontist expander specialists achieve palatal expansion in their patients.  Your orthodontist will be happy to review this type of training plan with you. Orthodontic expander – Orthodontic mouth expander When people are looking for orthodontic work, particularly for children, very often their search will take them to looking…

Nance appliance

Nance Appliance

All questions about all aspects of your orthodontic treatment including how Nance appliances work, why they may be necessary, and any other questions, should be directed to your orthodontist near me. He or she will be happy to answer those questions and more. Nance appliance Even people who might have thought they did their research…

Tongue crib

Tongue Crib

Orthodontists prescribe tongue cribs for those children who have developed poor oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusts. They are useful tools in helping to break the habit. Tongue crib – braces tongue crib Many people who have a child who is continuing to suck their thumb well past the normal age may…